Dog Training Philosophy

A Holistic Approach
Dog Training Philosophy East Oak Hill to East Austin Texas

Dog training is still a frontier. Scientists, dog trainer, behaviorists, and veterinarians are still discovering new and exciting things about our best friends that help us understand how they learn and feel and think.  I also believe that animals choose to come into the lives of certain people for a reason.  Often your dog is trying to help you with some aspect of your life.  Sometimes this is expressed through a behavior problem.  I like to take this into consideration when working with a dog and her family.

I use a “parent-leader” mentality when approaching training. Dogs need to be confidently lead through life with rules, routine, and boundaries set in place.  In addition to daily exercise, confidence building, and affection. At the root of all of this is “relationship.” Relationship is the foundation and the corner stone.  I immediately address the strength of the relationship between dog and parent-leader, and begin by showing how to strengthen it. Dogs very much prefer to live these types of structured lives, and often their anxiety and insecurity from not having this organization will come through as a behavior problem.

I take what works best from many different theories and practices, reading and watching new studies and literature, and always paying attention to, and listening to what dog and family are communicating to me about their lives.

I’d love to chat with you about how I can help make your relationship and life with your dog stronger and better.


Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers, Certificate: Canine Training Specialist, 2008

1 Day Seminar: Helping Shy & Fearful Dogs by Nicole Wilde, Marin Humane Society, 2014

2 Day Seminar:  Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training, Lexington, TX, November 2016

1 Day Seminar: E-Collar Theory: Introduction, Precision K9 Work, Leander, TX, January 2017

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