After three lessons, Frankie knew “go to bed”

Schnauzer dog training Austin txBrooke adopted Frankie from a shelter and called me about a month later.  She wanted Frankie to be less timid and more focused.  As well as learn basic commands, including recall.  Frankie is a 2 year old Schnauzer mix, with high energy and a timid disposition.  She was skittish and unable to calm herself, but did already know sit.  She just didn’t have any duration, and would pop right back up in a second.  We worked on impulse control, recall, clicker tricks, and heel.

After three lessons, Frankie knew “go to bed” and how to stay there, how to come back to her mom when called (maybe a little slowly, but recall is hard work!), how to weave under legs, touch, follow her mom on leash, and lie down.