Get The Walk Right First – 13 Quick Tips

Walking with your dog is the first thing you should get sorted out.  It will help to bond you together and earn her trust, respect, devotion, and calm state of mind.
Learn to Walk Your Dog

Dogs love to walk – but they love it more when there are some rules and guidelines.

  1. Your dog should be calm when you put the walking gear on them.
  2. Ask your dog to sit and wait as you approach the door, and exit the house with your dog in a calm state.
  3. Bring treats on the walk.
  4.  Treat your dog for heeling well.  Walk backwards and call her back to you when she is not.
  5. Hold the leash with two hands, like in the photo here  –>
  6. Don’t let your dog sniff every blade of grass. A sniff every five minutes is ok.
  7. Use your voice to reward your dog.
  8. Avoid other dogs.
  9. Do not use a flexi-leash.
  10. Do not use your phone.
  11.  Use a 4 – 5 foot leather or acrylic leash
  12. Let your dog sniff a bit more right before the end of the walk.
  13. Reward your dog with a meal or chew/treat toy after the walk.