About Annie

Hello!  I’m Annie, the creator and owner of Chloe’s School for Dogs.  I am a Certified Canine Training Specialist from Starmark Academy for Dog Trainers.


I was born in Los Angeles but grew up in the Isle of Man, then moved to Kentucky when I was 12.  I obtained my BA in Communication from Hanover College in Indiana, and started to work at a Humane Society in Kentucky, until I moved to the Bay in 2005.  After a couple years being discontented selling print advertising, I decided that I wanted to work with dogs for a living.  So I went to Texas to attend Starmark Academy for Dog Trainers, where I became a Certified Canine Training Specialist.  Upon my return to San Francisco, I started Chloe’s School for Dogs.

I am passionate about helping humans and dogs live harmoniously together. I enjoy helping create and deepen the bonds between pets and families, because I believe so much in the joy and value that all dogs can bring to life.

Give me a call or write me an email, and tell me how I can help create some more harmony in your home!