About Annie

My name is Annie, the creator and owner of Chloe’s School for Dogs.


I was born in Los Angeles but grew up in the Isle of Man, then moved to Kentucky when I was 12.  I obtained my BA in Communication from Hanover College in Indiana, and started to work at a Humane Society in Kentucky, until I moved to the Bay in 2005.  After a couple years being discontented working at a bridal magazine, I left for dog training school in Texas.  Upon my return to San Francisco, I started Chloe’s.  A couple years later I decided to teach English in Chile for a year, and then backpack through Patagonia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.  While I was in South America I fell in love with the many street dogs, and learned how different their lives are to dogs in the US who live in houses and have little migration.

When I came back to the Bay, I started working at Northern California Family Dog Rescue as the Enrichment Specialist and Volunteers Coordinator while starting Chloe’s School for Dogs again, because I love creating a harmonious and deeper love and understanding between families and their dog.


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